How do Religions Acquire New Followers?

Traditional religions usually acquire new followers through: (a) Some good messages for living meaningfully; (b) With  hopes for living even better after death; and (c) With the energetic dedication of efficient missionaries: All this is the religious equivalent of having a good product, promises of usefulness of the product,  and effective advertisement in business. A […]

Time for Total Peace

There was total peace: Perhaps before Bio-genesis. There will be total peace: Perhaps after Bio-mortem. One cannot have multiple life-forms and total peace. Visit a grave-yard at midnight, and there you will find total peace. Bodies vold and still  cannot fight about who is right and who is wrong, whose god is great and whose is […]

Science and Spirituality

It is important to distinguish between knowledge and experience. Science provides us with rational, testable, reliable knowledge about the world at a specific period in humanity’s quest for understanding. Experience is the basis of life, beyond normal biological functions. Experience is enriched/diminished/formed/modified by a number of factors. These include: values, worldviews,  relationships… Healthy Spirituality of […]

Search for Spreading Truth

Searching for truth is a noble enterprise. It is important to realize that  there are two kinds of truths: (a) Truths about the world we live in. (b) Truths about the Unknown Beyond, about gods and angels, heaven and hell, about the superiority of political ideologies. Trying to spread the first kind of truth is […]

The Religion of My Choice?

If I had to make a Religoin of my choice, it would be:  ALBO-CHAZJISBAJAEOR It stands for: A Little Bit Of – Christianity, Hinduism, Agnosticism, Zoroastrianism Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, Atheism, Jainism, And Every Other Religion.  Believe me, it will be great fun: So many  feasts and festivals, so many holy places to visit, so […]

How to Eliminate Negative Thoughts?

Thoughts in the mind are like gases in a bottle. You can never empty a bottle: you can replace one gas or a mixture of gases by something else. So you can replace, but not eliminate negative thoughts completely. Thoughts can be replaced by reading, listening, conversing, and reflecting. Choose sources and topics for thoughts […]