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It looks partly as if it were made of poisonous smoke; very possibly it may be: there are at least two hundred furnace chimneys in a square of two miles on every side of me. -John Ruskin These words of … Continue reading

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17. Reflections on Technology: Jolts to Traditional Values

One may legitimately ask how technology could be blamed for some of the social problems mentioned above.  In answer, we may first point out to the correlation bet­ween the advent of a complex technological society on the one hand and … Continue reading

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16. Reflections on Technology: Social Problems

I noted that the problem of spending leisure time could become very serious when technology disengages our attention and energies from exertions for the satisfaction of our basic needs.  If healthy and appropriate alternative channels are not taken advantage of, … Continue reading

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15. Reflections on Technology: Electricity at Home

In its first phase, the impact of the Industrial Revolution was only through its manufactured goods.  Whether it was paper or cloth, the locomotive or the telegraph, it was only the final product of technology that the layman witnessed.  No … Continue reading

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13. Reflections on Technology: Scholarship and technology

Technology has had an enormous impact on human civilization.  It has revolutionized human life styles in innumerable ways.  In particular, changes of great moment have occurred in human history in the past cen­tury or so.  Some of the major technological … Continue reading

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12. Reflections of Technology: Aesthetic Aspects

It is said that when the Eiffel Tower was built in Paris the great French writer Guy de Maupassant was so shocked by its ugly presence in the beautiful French capital that he left the city in disgust.  Since then, … Continue reading

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11. Reflections on Technology: Interactions between Science and Technology

Scientific knowledge gave a significant boost to the Industrial Revolution in the course of the l9th century. Of no less signifi­cance is the contribution of technology to science.  Indeed, science would not be at the highly sophisticated level at which … Continue reading

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