The Two Roots of ISIS

It is important to distinguish between the political and the religious roots of ISIS. The political roots relate to past Western colonial injustices which include political domination, economic exploitation, imperialistic map-making, cultural marginalization, and the like. It is not unlike the masses in a country rising against decades of the ruthless dictatorship of a tyrant, […]

Welcome December!

This is the month of Christmas and Hanukkah for people of the Judeo-Christian traditions when lamps will be lit, gifts will be exchanged, trees will be decorated,  stores will be invaded, and moneys will be collected for charity by the Salvation army. But when poets write about drear-nighted December, and complain that       The sun […]

Once Twin Sister

Religion and Science, twin sisters who once were cordial and cooperating, both vibrant  in the quest to know and understand, both exploring in unison what is human existence, both intrigued by questions like whence this Cosmos in which we find ourselves? Why life and love rather than nothing at all? What causes thought and thunder, […]

Wisdom or Folly?

Subjecting of every facet of poetry, imagination, and spiritual experience to the microscope of rationality, empiricism, and scientific argumentation may not be the best application of scientific methodology.. No one can deny the enormous expansion of  knowledge and enhancement in perspectives, let alone the  plethora of creature comforts and ease of action and communication that […]

Thoughts on the May 21 Doomsday Prophesy

Among the sad ironies that rattle our world is the mindless prediction by some religious extremists that the world would come to an end of May 21, 2011. This was to happen, not by  natural disasters, not by unrest in the Middle East, not by explosions of weapons of mass destruction, but by the intervention […]