Response to a Comment

<God wishes to be known and loved. This is the motive behind creation and reconciliation. Being invisible and unapproachable. He has made an Image of Himself, and a Complement through Whom He can come into contact with His creation.> I think this is a meaningful way of looking upon the creation of humans by God.From […]

Reply to Question from Mr. Ulakanathan of South Africa

​​Please can you give us the meaning of Humanism in Tamil. And then translate into English. Usually the dictionary would give the word  manida néyam (மனித நேயம்)  as the Tamil equivalent of Humanism.      There are two ways of interpreting the human experience. The first is to regard it as a unique gift from […]

Being Optimistic

A reader: “I tend to be a little optimistic and hold on to the belief that a little goodness exists in the hearts of the average, ordinary person in spite of all the prejudiced and pernicious propaganda and brainwashing they are subjected to.”  Thank you for re-affirming what I used to feel very strongly in […]

On the Concept of Self

Do you think the concept of “self” is an emergent phenomenon of our neural complexity and if so is it continuously emerging throughout our lifetime? I am inclined to consider the self as an emergent property of the neural complexity through the following analogy: Paper is the end product (through several complex processes) of wood […]

On West and Non-West

1. Do you envisage or foresee a fight in this century not between West and non-West but between Enlightenment and “archaic” traditionalism within various societies? I suspect the conflict between the West and non-West will arise on two fronts: (a) Economic disparities and disproportionate consumption of materials and energy by the West. (b) Conviction (right […]

On Population Growth

Would it not be really dysfunctional for cultures to compete by producing more babies than their opponents? I am not so sure. For one thing it depends on whether the culture is living in a closed system, independently of others, or is a minority in a larger culture. There are regions in the world where […]

The Why is Existence

Here’s a question, why does the Spiritual side of reality exist? Why does the Physical side of reality exist? There must be a reason, agreed? Dear friend, you started by saying: Here’s a question, and gave three questions. The answer to the last is: NOT agreed to by everybody. Indeed, the fundamental difference between the […]