Random Thoughts On Buffalo-slaughter controversy.

As one who was brought up as a strict vegetarian I am instinctively repelled by any kind of meat. Also, because of my sectarian cultural up-bringing I find cruelty to animals abhorrent. Therefore for me, there is really no difference between slaughtering a cow, a buffalo, a goat, pig, or a chicken. As a mature […]


CNN’s broadcast (Sunday March 5, 2017) on Hinduism by a so-called religious scholar did disservice to the cause of peace and understanding. With obviously no knowledge of Sanskrit or Tamil, he had the gall to report on Hinduism to a public already naive about Non-Christian religions, and can hardly distinguish a Sikh from a Muslim, […]

Homage to Yashodhara

My eyes are full, my garments wet, tears fall, As my husband nectar-like, do I recall. He went leaving our son, I now remember Dows this world together such as I? From a folk poem on Yashodhara (translated by Ranjini Obeysekara) Most religious traditions tell us that Gods and angels reveal themselves more often to […]

On India’s Mission to Mars

     We live in a world of political tensions, economic crises, environmental degradation, and religious hate. In the midst of all this there are also billions of people who go about their routine chores and millions too who are also engaged in art and music, in sports, plays and science. Now and again their significant […]

On the Election Results in India

It should a matter of great rejoicing for people whose hearts are with India – whether they are currently Indian citizens or once were – that elections with the largest population were held there in an orderly manner, leading to a decisive winner for its next premiership. Irrespective of whether one voted for Mr. Nerendra […]

Michele Marie Desmarais, Changing Minds: Mind, consciousness, and identity in Patañjali’s Yoga-Sûtra and cognitive neuroscience, New Delhi: Motilal Benarsidass Publishers, 2008.

The Yoga-Sûtra of Patañjali is a classic work in humanity’s heritage.  It is the time-honored treatise that expounds the conceptual and spiritual basis of yoga which is one of the major contributions of India to world knowledge and culture. Over the ages, the theory and practice of yoga have undergone changes, often instigated by enlightened […]


We use words to talk. We enjoy music. We play with numbers. All these are wonderful, they make us happy, they enrich our lives. How can we say Thanks for these meaningful experiences? In the Hindu framework, there is the Goddess who if the Source of language and wisdom, music and numbers. That Goddess is  […]