On Pranab Mukherjee’s Speech at the RSS

Normally I don’t (wish to) comment on Indian politics, because I don’t live in India and am not qualified/informed enough to do that. Nor do I have the citizenship-right to speak about the politics of a country to which I contribute nothing. But I was so moved and inspired by Pranab Mukherjee’s speech after all […]

My View of Racism

Racism is mindless hateful attitude/belief about any group of people indentified in terms of race, religion, sect, nationality, gender,… It exists among a large number of people in all nations and cultures towards one or more other groups. Practically all racism is reciprocal between groups. (a) Racism is wrong because any generalization about groups is never […]

One idea of God

The world that most normal human beings/brains experience in a a world of limitless scope and  splendor functioning in accordance with countless immutable physical laws that are structured with meticulous mathematical precision. Aside from these apparently objective features of which we have become aware, every spark of consciousness also experiences joy and sorrow, love and […]

The Death of Atheism?

Some have suggested, with the resurgence of religious fervor in many countries, that atheism is slowly dying. Up to a point this seems to be true.  Atheism is growing ever so firmly in the hearts and minds of thinking youngsters in many parts of the world, especially in theocratic countries headed by ultra-religious males trying […]

Total Peace in the World?

Was there ever total peace in the world? Perhaps before Bio-genesis. Will there ever be total peace in the world? Perhaps after Bio-mortem. One cannot have multiple life-forms and total peace. If one visits a grave-yard at midnight, and there one might find total peace. The still bodies cannot fight about who is right and […]

On the Decline of the West

Of late on often talks/reads  about the prdiction that Ostwald Spengler made almost a century ago: The Decile of the West. In this context some have also suggested that Western civilization is also coming to an end. What is true is that Western hegemony and military prowess in the world is certainly on the decline. […]

An Earliest Expression of Monotheism.

In the Rg Veda of the Hindu religious tradition, dating back to at least 1500 BCE  we read the following (1.164.46): “ Ékam sad-vipraa bahudhaa vadanti: Truth (GOD) is One. Sages call It in many ways, as Agni, Yamaa…” This is the earliest recorded utterance of Monotheism.  Some have said that there are glimmers of […]