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<God wishes to be known and loved. This is the motive behind creation and reconciliation. Being invisible and unapproachable. He has made an Image of Himself, and a Complement through Whom He can come into contact with His creation.>

I think this is a meaningful way of looking upon the creation of humans by God.From the scientific cosmological perspective it may seem strange that, if this were so, God waited for more than 13 billion years after He created the world he decided to create humans. However, it is inspiring to look upon the creation of humans as a means through which the Creator gains recognition and honor.

It could well be that God is also in contact with the many the non-human elements in Creation, from atoms to mountains, from planets to stars and galaxies, in ways that we do not know.

Truth to say, I have no idea  when or why, whether or how God made the world and Humans, but I am touched by our deep yearning for the Mystery and enriched by the many ways in which human minds have tried to resolve i

January 15, 2017

Response to a Comment

<Whether or not one is religious, I think we all can agree that human beings are much more complicated and integrated beings than we may even admit to ourselves.>

1.Being religious, in my definition, is being aware of  and awed by the Grand Mystery of Existence, finding a little peace in the contemplation of that Mystery,acknowledging our our finiteness in the face of the unfathomable Infinity, being grateful for the human experience,  and being sensitive to the feelings and needs of fellow humans.  In this sense, most people are religious whether they describe themselves so or not.

2. Yes none but the most shallow and the most ignorant will fail to see that human beings are enormously complex and mysteriously integrated as apparently independent entities. 

13 January 2017