What is Life? 

Two answers 1.     Life is a magnificent expression of the Divine Principle that undergirds the Cosmos, the physical embodiment of the abstract and subtle Spirit.   Human life with thinking mind and  feeling heart, with values and meanings, love and laughter, poetry and philosophy, music and mathematics and  associated consciousness is the the ultimate pinnacle of […]


We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. Native American saying Our earth is a speck in the vast stretches of the cosmos, in­finitesimal in material substance compared to the mind-boggling mass of the universe.  Our awesome abode hurtles around the sun at enormous speeds and is carried […]


Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.   – Virgil A. Kraft For many people of Indic culture, April 14 is  New Year Day. It is, in fact, a welcoming of the season of spring. It is sometimes called Yugádi, which means the beginning (ádi) of a yuga. A yuga, […]

Materialism vs Spiritualism

1.“The underlying basis of the physical, biological, and psychological universe is physical: i.e. matter-energy in space-time.” 2.“The underlying basis of the physical, biological, and psychological universe is spiritual: i.e. non-material-energetic and transcending space-time).” These two perspectives are not logically derived conclusions, but basic propositions from which one views, experiences, and explores the world. The first […]


The satellite observations are as yet of insufficient length  to answer the question whether the sun is varying in luminosity on timescales longer than the 11 year sunspot cycle.   – Douglas V. Hoyt The Sun has been seen by human beings since the emergence of our species, wondered at and worshiped for ages, and has […]


(Philip Gosse) was not only a many-sided and experienced naturalist, but one who did more than all his scientific contemporaries to popularize the study of natural objects.  B. Brady. Upon, within, and deep underneath the broad blue waters, thrive countless creatures of many forms and sizes: from the tiny plankton that are tossed by the […]