Some thoughts on Love and its variety

[Thoughts provoked by someone who talked about Unconditional Love.] Like many words in the language the oft-used term Love has many connotations. Its use and meaning may even vary from person to person. To me, Love is an intense emotional attachment to some entity or person. In this sense I love many entities and a […]

On Order, Disorder, and Randomness

It is important to distinguish between order, disorder, randomness, and meaning. Order refers to a discernible patterns. Disorder refers to absence of any discernible pattern. Randomness is the generation of entities with no apparent order. But randomness can be both meaningless and meaningful. Given that meaning always implies a conscious entity, what may seem random […]

New Books

In case you are interested in reading some more of my writings I would refer you to Kindle and type V. V. Raman  or Varadaraja V. Raman A number of my books are now available on Kindle. In particular: Bhagavad Gita: Non-traditional and cross-cultural Reflections Voyage Through Indic Culture History of Science in Rhymes […]