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Some thoughts on Love and its variety

[Thoughts provoked by someone who talked about Unconditional Love.] Like many words in the language the oft-used term Love has many connotations. Its use and meaning may even vary from person to person. To me, Love is an intense emotional … Continue reading

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On Order, Disorder, and Randomness

It is important to distinguish between order, disorder, randomness, and meaning. Order refers to a discernible patterns. Disorder refers to absence of any discernible pattern. Randomness is the generation of entities with no apparent order. But randomness can be both … Continue reading

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New Books

In case you are interested in reading some more of my writings I would refer you to Kindle and type V. V. Raman  or Varadaraja V. Raman A number of my books are now available on Kindle. In particular: … Continue reading

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