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13. What is Blasphemy?

The word blasphemy literally means speaking ill (of someone or something). In Abrahamic scriptures (Old Testament, New Testament, Holy Qur’an) it refers to any disrespectful or disbelieving word or act against the God of the religion. In the practice of … Continue reading

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13. I want to know, if we do really plan our lives before we are born. Is this a myth or for real? (Vidya)

A. . All the knowledge we get on any subject is through our sense perceptions: from what we see and hear, smell and taste and touch. And also from reflecting on and analyzing whatever inputs we get from these sources … Continue reading

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12. What does one mean by wave-particle duality? (Peter J)

A. Everything in the physical world is either matter or energy. We observe matters as concentrated mass: from tiny dust particles to planets and stars. Matter is characterized by momentum (mass x velocity). It is always localized at a point … Continue reading

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Why is the first month of the year called January?

We may picture the passage of time in spatial terms: a room which holds the past within, and the space beyond, where the future lies, with a door separating the two. In this metaphor, we fling open the door to … Continue reading

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Adieu 2014!

Like every year before , and perhaps at a slightly higher level, 2014 has brought blessings and bereavement to many and joy and sorrow to some. I grieve for the thousands and their families who have died in combat, no … Continue reading

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