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Can science and religion coincide when so many parts of Scripture oppose what science tells us?

We human beings are very complex. We have many dimensions: physical, physiological, psychological, psychological, intellectual, and more. We have feelings and experiences. We also think and analyze. It is important to recognize the roles of science and religion in these … Continue reading

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. <What can one say about whether humans have free will or not?

This is a very difficult question. It is related to the idea of determinism about which we may talk another time. Religions, philosophers, psychologists, neuroscientists, and other people all have (had) different opinions on the matter. First let us talk … Continue reading

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Speed of the Sleigh

<Since it’s almost Christmas, could you calculate how fast Santa would have to go through each individual house to deposit presents and his sleigh mechanics> (Lewis Adkins, Akron, OH)> A. Suppose there there are A million Christians in the world. … Continue reading

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Do you think everything in the universe is mathematically solvable?

We should be careful in saying anything that applies to everything. But this question is very important because what it means is whether everything in the universe can be explained (solved) in mathematical terms. If we refer only to the … Continue reading

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1. GKC: What is the composition of the Universe?

The physical universe consists of: A. Matter and B. Energy. A. Matter is of two kinds: (a) Ordinary matter we are familiar with, such as water, sand, iron, air, etc. This matter is ultimately made up of molecules which consist … Continue reading

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The General Knowledge Cyber Club (GKCC) is for young people from ages 15 to 25, but it is also open to others who may be interested. The goal is to expand the General Knowledge and enrich the perspectives of its … Continue reading

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