On the Election Results in India

It should a matter of great rejoicing for people whose hearts are with India – whether they are currently Indian citizens or once were – that elections with the largest population were held there in an orderly manner, leading to a decisive winner for its next premiership. Irrespective of whether one voted for Mr. Nerendra […]

A Practicing Hindu (A very personal view)

A Practicing Hindu is a person with at least one Hindu parent, or, being born in another religion, has accepted Hinduism. Furthermore it is a person who: 1. Is familiar with the names of: (a) Rama; (b) Krishna; (c) Brahma; (d) Shiva; (c) Vishnu; (d) Sarasvati; (e) Uma; (f) Lakshmi; (g) Ganesha. 2. Enjoys and/or […]