The Irony of Multicuturalism

We live in a multicultural world: a world where a thousand cultures bloom, where sublime music, dazzling dances, great literature, beautiful poetry, magnificent art, fascinating cosmic visions, and a thousand cultural expressions of the human spirit find expression in so many different languages. With our sophisticated technologies, no matter where we live, we have ample […]

A Prayer for Longevity

There is a shloka in the Atharva Veda (XIX.63) which prays for longevity in the following poetic way. Note the rhythmic repetition of sharadah shatam which means autumns hundred. Autumn is the best season in India. Note also how the prayer asks not only for seeing (understanding) and living, but also for learning (acquiring knowledge), […]

From TaittirIya Upanishad

Here is part of the opening verse of the Taittiriya Upanishad. namo brahmaṇe namaste vāyu tvam eva pratyaksham brahmāsi tvam eva pratyaksham brahma vadisyāmi ṛtaM vadishyāmi satyam vadishyāmi tam māmavatu tad vaktāram avatu avatu mām avatu vaktāram Aum Sānti Santi SAntiH Salutations brahman Salutations to the Wind. Thou indeed are the perceptible Brahman. Of Thou […]