On Reactions to Ashis Nandy’s Statement

Many have now read news reports to the effect that Ashis Nandy, an eminent academic and scholar, unwittingly blurted out at a “Literary Festival” in Jaipur that “Most corrupt people come from …” and mentioned certain caste-based sub-groups in India. Though I am inclined to think that Nandy did not quite mean what the statement […]

Reflections on the Gita: Cross-Cultural & Non-Tradiional

1. dharmakṣetre kurukṣetre samavetā yuyutsavaḥ māmakāḥ pāṇḍavāś caiva kim akurvata sañjaya 1.1 In the field of dharma, in the field of Kurus, gathered and eager to fight, My own men and the Pandavas, what are they doing, Oh Sañjaya? The Gita appears in the epic Mahabharata which recounts many events and episodes from Indic sacred […]

Salute to Vienna

We went to the Orchestra Hall Symphony Center in Chicago on December 30, 2012 to enjoy some joyous Viennese music that often lights up the season in many parts of the world. Situated right across the Arts Institute, the Symphony Center is a beautiful hall with lovely chandeliers. It was good to see the hall […]