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Best Wishes!

The world in which we live is constrained by Reality. But there is far greater freedom and possibility in the world of wish and fantasy. Placing myself in that world I pray for health, happiness, and interesting experiences for all … Continue reading

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Chance, Luck, and Causality

Chance is a causally intractable, or as yet a not causally reduced, event in the natural world. If and when a chance event has an impact on human life (whether expected or unexpected) the event is regarded as a stroke … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Stephen Wolfram’s A New Kind Of Science

     By now, thanks to Newsweek, Time Magazine, the New York Times, and such, we have all heard about Stephen Wolfram and his new kind of book.  It is a new kind of book in that a work of major … Continue reading

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End of the World Prophesy: December 21, 2012

It is past 11 PM in Wilmette IL,  and if the Mayan prophesy is worth carries any weight, we have less than an hour to go before everything is sucked into a black hole. I have heard that in much … Continue reading

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