On Truths, Absolute Truths, and Reality

A. With our sensory perceptions we become aware of a dimension of reality which may be called Perceived Reality. Through the limitations of our body and brain, this is as far as we can get. Through these channels (when they are functioning normally) we become aware of what we call Facts. Through the capacity of […]

Obama asks India not to curtail Internet freedom

Will Washington ever understand that this kind of unsolicited advice only irritates other nations without accomplishing anything? Do they have any inkling of what is prompting the Indian government to alert internet abusers? “Who the hell are you to tell us how we should manage our affairs? ” is what most Indians in India are […]

On Patterns in Religions

In every religious tradition, the rebels (unorthodox/progressive thinkers) define their own version of the original doctrines, selectively accepting what they feel are nice and good and appropriate, and rejecting whatever they feel are inconvenient, irrelevant, or plain wrong. They are like people who want to eat the cake and still have it: they want to […]

Stephen Jay Gould: “We can unite the patches built by our separate magisteria (of Science and Religion) into a beautiful and coherent quilt called wisdom.

But why? Why should we regard these as two patches which should be united into a beautiful and coherent quilt? Should the Super bowl excitement be united with string theory to see beauty and coherence in each? Should Bach be united with Bohr to see beauty in music and in physics? Should multiculturaliism become a […]