Vienna and Die Zauberflöte

Many decades ago I was in the Austrian capital Vienna with a group of friends, all fellow students from the Sorbonne. We did the usual tours like the Schönbrunn Palace with its Baroque splendor, reminding us a little of Versailles, admired the Donau, even went as far as Grinzing. At one point one of us […]

The Miniature Rooms at the AI of C

I have been to the Art Institute of Chicago many times, and every time it has invariably been enriching, whether admiring the Silk Road Exhibit, or enjoying the works of Salvador Dali or Julien Levy or whatever. With my cultural bias I always spend some time in the Asian room standing at various Hindu sculptures. […]

On Christopher Hitchens

The Army of Atheist Fundamentalism has lost one of its able generals in its crusade against Religions. But the  writings and legacy of Christopher Hitchens will continue to inspire millions in the years to come. Hitchens’  righteous indignation against the evils of bigotry was always eloquently and forcefully expressed. Sometimes he seemed to carry this […]

A Visit to the Taj

From New Delhi we took a car, on a bright and sunny day. Our goal was to drive to the Taj all the way. Past crowded streets and traffic thick we reached at first, not last, The Grand Trunk Road where vehicles moved both slow and fast. Cars, trucks and bullock carts, and rickshaws motorized, […]