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Kauffman, Stuart A. Reinventing the sacred: a new view of science, reason, and religion. Basic Books, 2008.

Stuart Kauffman is  an ex-physician, expert in developmental genetics, founder of the BiosGroup in Santa Fe,and  also highly respected for his work on complex systems.  The book by this highly respected thinker of our times  offers some insightful perspectives on … Continue reading

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News that dwarfs all news

The world of humans is witnessing problems of ominous proportions: a kicked out Kaddafi in hiding in Libya, Syria in turmoil under an awful Assad,  Anna Hazare cross with corruption in India and fiercely fasting, rioting in London, casino catastrophe … Continue reading

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Science and Pseudo-Science

“It was reported that a  joint study by Penn State University and the NASA Planetary Science Division that “A preemptive strike would be particularly likely in the early phases of our expansion because a civilization may become increasingly difficult to … Continue reading

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On Supernatural Beings

Periodically we read news reports to the effect that such and such a percentage of Americans or Europeans believe in angels, another percentage of  Indians believe in spirits, yet another percentage of Chinese believe in ghosts, etc.  This says nothing … Continue reading

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Martin A. Nowak with Roger Highfield’s SuperCooperators: altruism, evolution, and why we need each other to succeed, 2011

When grandma used to say, be good to others, when religions ask us to forgive, or when elders advice the young to work with rather than against one another, it all sounds old-fashioned and contrary to the competitive spirit. But … Continue reading

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S. Kalyanaraman, Rástram: Hindu History in the United Indian Ocean States, Sarasvati Research Center, 2011.

This is a book with an extraordinary sweep. It speaks of the commonalty of the nations (Ráshtras: States) bordering the vast expanse known as the Indian Ocean. It recalls their history, and shows the power and prestige of ancient Indic … Continue reading

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Three Kinds of Fields

There are three kinds of highly specialized fields: Creative arts which can be appreciated by one and all, scientific technical fields which are opaque, and directly human related fields which are within reach of our understanding and which affect us … Continue reading

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