On the Tragedy in Norway

Norway is a country respected by all. It is known for its beautiful fjords and the Nobel Peace Prize, a tradition of liberal democracy and the Vigeland Sculpture Park. It is a country where for decades now immigrants have gone and settled down with ease, from Sri Lanka and Somalia, from Morocco and India. Who […]

Wisdom or Folly?

Subjecting of every facet of poetry, imagination, and spiritual experience to the microscope of rationality, empiricism, and scientific argumentation may not be the best application of scientific methodology.. No one can deny the enormous expansion of  knowledge and enhancement in perspectives, let alone the  plethora of creature comforts and ease of action and communication that […]

Sa’di’s Gulistan

Once in Persia there was a king who had condemned a wrong-doer to death. The angry man abused the king in his native dialect which the king could not understand. So he asked a vizier to translate what the had said. The vizier said” “This man is saying that those who control their anger and […]

On Thackeray’s Vanity Fair

Exactly two hundred years ago today, on July 18, 1811, there was born in a house on what used to be called Freeschool Street in Calcutta, not far from St. Xavier’s College where I once studied, a child to an English  couple serving the East India Company. That child was to become one of the […]


Poetic forms know no cultural or linguistic barriers. Thus there are not only rhymes and meters, but also odes and sonnets, elegies and story-poems  in English and French, in German and Italian and more. Likewise, one can find ghazals in many languages: not just in Arabic and Persian where they originated, but in Turkish and […]