Viva los mineros de San José!

On the rescue of the Miners in Chile: It was a triumph of the human spirit: that those miners subsisted with so little light and nourishment, and yet with so much hope and confidence. It was no surprise that Omar Reygadas knelt and clutched the Bible. We rejoice in their return to the open where […]

Like everyone who cares for India, after reading world-wide reports on the poor, not to say shoddy preparations for the event, I too was concerned about how the Commonwealth Games would start and unravel, and I too secretly prayed that things work out well before the appointed hour. When I saw the opening day celebrations […]

16. Reflections on Technology: Social Problems

I noted that the problem of spending leisure time could become very serious when technology disengages our attention and energies from exertions for the satisfaction of our basic needs.  If healthy and appropriate alternative channels are not taken advantage of, other kinds of difficulties might arise. Whether this is a major factor contributing to social […]