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15. Reflections on Technology: Electricity at Home

In its first phase, the impact of the Industrial Revolution was only through its manufactured goods.  Whether it was paper or cloth, the locomotive or the telegraph, it was only the final product of technology that the layman witnessed.  No … Continue reading

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13. Reflections on Technology: Scholarship and technology

Technology has had an enormous impact on human civilization.  It has revolutionized human life styles in innumerable ways.  In particular, changes of great moment have occurred in human history in the past cen­tury or so.  Some of the major technological … Continue reading

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12. Reflections of Technology: Aesthetic Aspects

It is said that when the Eiffel Tower was built in Paris the great French writer Guy de Maupassant was so shocked by its ugly presence in the beautiful French capital that he left the city in disgust.  Since then, … Continue reading

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11. Reflections on Technology: Interactions between Science and Technology

Scientific knowledge gave a significant boost to the Industrial Revolution in the course of the l9th century. Of no less signifi­cance is the contribution of technology to science.  Indeed, science would not be at the highly sophisticated level at which … Continue reading

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10. Reflections on Technology: Energy Sources

There are essentially four kinds of energy sources: (a) Cyclic sources: Some of our energy sources, though they are being used up, are also being continually re-formed.  The most important example of this is food energy.  Although it is being … Continue reading

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S. Kalyanaraman, Indus Script Cipher: Hieroglyphics of Indian Linguistic Area, 2010

The interpretation of ancient records is no easy task. It is difficult enough when the records are in archaic versions of currently known languages, and even more difficult when they are in scripts long out of use. This was the … Continue reading

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I do know that many of you are looking into my blog. 1. Please send me an occasional comment, with your thoughts on what I write, and suggestions to make them more interesting. 2. Please refer them to your e-mail … Continue reading

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