13. Reflections on Technology: Scholarship and technology

Technology has had an enormous impact on human civilization.  It has revolutionized human life styles in innumerable ways.  In particular, changes of great moment have occurred in human history in the past cen­tury or so.  Some of the major technological additions to society and to civilization were unheard of and undreamt of just two or […]

12. Reflections of Technology: Aesthetic Aspects

It is said that when the Eiffel Tower was built in Paris the great French writer Guy de Maupassant was so shocked by its ugly presence in the beautiful French capital that he left the city in disgust.  Since then, however, millions of people, both of more and less refined tastes, have come to Paris […]

10. Reflections on Technology: Energy Sources

There are essentially four kinds of energy sources: (a) Cyclic sources: Some of our energy sources, though they are being used up, are also being continually re-formed.  The most important example of this is food energy.  Although it is being consumed regularly and ceaselessly, food is also being formed at the same time by the […]


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