On Blending the Secular and the Sacred

It is important to blended the non-religious with the religious, the secular with the sacred, and be persuaded
to a loftier humanistic view of the world and experience.
But there still are the constraints of language, the narrowness of dictionary definitions, and the divisive images wrought by ardent adherents to one mode and the other.
Anti-religion secularists would havenothing to do with the sacred, and religious old-timers tend to look down upon
low-level atheists who know not the glory of the God lauded in Holy Texts.
We must strive to bridge the opposing camps: make the traditionalists aware that one can experience the sacred in matter and mind, in crystals and chrysanthemums, in trees and telescopes too; and instruct die-hard secularists that there can be much humanity in religious ethics, joy in celebrations, meaning in rituals, and poetry in psalms and symbols, as I
sometimes try to do.
To recognize mutual merit is not to give up what is meaningful and sensible to oneself, but to enrich communities that adopt different paths for self-fulfillment, and thus bring about more civilized modes of coexistence.

August 21, 2002


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