Racism Hurts

Pychologist Elizabeth-Page Gould concludes from her research: “if the racist person then has to go through this every single day, the repeated stress can become a chronic problem, which places them at heightened risk for disease in later life.” [August 9, 2010] Maybe. But in my view racism is to be repudiated because it is […]

On Hate

Hate is an important human emotion that needs to be analyzed and understood if we wish to avoid or eliminate it as a negative force in human life and society. Scholars and philosophers, psychologists and (evolutionary) biologists have discussed the phenomenon. Hate is an intense and extreme form of dislike in which we wish to […]

On the success of religions

I was once asked: “In your opinion, theoretically for a religion to be most successful, what should be the right balance between standard versus innovation, as a religion evolves through out time?> My answer: “Much depends on what one means by <successful>. If success in this context is measured in terms of: (i) Retaining current […]

On Blending the Secular and the Sacred

It is important to blended the non-religious with the religious, the secular with the sacred, and be persuaded to a loftier humanistic view of the world and experience. But there still are the constraints of language, the narrowness of dictionary definitions, and the divisive images wrought by ardent adherents to one mode and the other. […]

On Time

There are at least three aspects of time: experiential, conceptual, and physical. Experiential time may drift ever so slowly (often for the young, who are impatient for adulthood) or flee all too fast (especially as one approaches the precipitous terminal cliff at an advanced age). Experiential time is perhaps the most insubstantial element in human […]

20. Crime and Punihsment

1.         Pity the man who once had fame; Which, having lost, now lives in shame [1]. 2.        Punishment follows not always the crime; Save when one is caught in time [2]. 3.         Religions say that somehow We’ll pay for the wrongs that we do now [3]. 4.         Lawyers’ wits are what decide The outcome when […]