America: Global Science Educator

News item: “A bill has  now been introduced in the House of Representatives, co-sponsored by a Democrat and a Republican that wants to provide grants for scientific research to universities, businesses, and institutes in the Muslim world.”

Another well-meaning and misguided gesture: like spreading democracy, averting communism, and educating the world about American values.

It is surprising that American leaders just don’t get it: The world is sick of America playing the global policeman, educator, democracy-builder, and nuclear weapons-controller.

Such moves are the best ways to provoke a ground-swell of opposition from the millions, especially in the Muslim world, who hate America’s guts.  This move will be interpreted as yet another ploy by Americans to uproot the culture of those countries.

If  the oil-rich Arab countries don’t think it is important for them to spend money on educating their people in science (I trust they do) why on earth should Americans assume that responsibility?

How about spending the money for more science education within the U.S., in inner city schools, for example?

May 24, 2010


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