Does a fine-tuned universe prove the existence of God?

God has existed in the hearts and minds of human beings in a variety of forms and modes since time immemorial.
His/Her existence has also be rejected as fantasy and concoction by many minds, ancient and modern.
To a handful of people the existence of God has been/has to be “proved,” preferably through the results and language of science.
But such proofs only confirm the already-held conviction of believers, and seldom transform unbelievers, inspiring them to go to church or mosque, temple or synagogue.
So this anthropic principle proof of God is only the latest in a never-ending series to prove God’s existence through logic, physics, and bombastic jargon.
Such attempts are interesting to some, tiring to others, and amusing to yet others.
But they are certainly better ways of spending one’s free time than insisting that one’s version of God is the only right one, or trying to hit on the head those who disagree.

May 13, 2010


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