Variety in Religion


1.    The Judaic faith has this to say:
They’re true to God who His laws obey!

2.    The message of Christ is short indeed:
Be kind and helpful to those in need.

3.    They call themselves devout Jains
Whose faith feels for all creatures’ pains.

4.    The Buddha’s wisdom may be seen
In the rule known as the Golden Mean.

5.     God is great, Islam has said;
His sole messenger: Prophet Mohamed.

6.    The Sikhs say inner peace to find
Follow the Guru, with God in mind.

7.    Respect land and trees, rain and dew:
This is religion in the Amerindian view.

8.    Chinese wisdom, it would seem
Is to be with Nature and flow with the stream.

9.    All that matters, humanists say
Is being good in a reasoned way.

10.     Hindus say there’s many a way
To search for God, and to pray.

May 12, 2010


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