“A question I have had while the discussion of is and ought was going on was – who says there is an ought? ” Jerald  someone asked This is a very important aspect of the “is-ought” issue. The reason “ought” cannot be derived from <is> is that they belong to quite different realms. IS relates […]

On the End-of-Time Conjecture

Of late there have been many discussions on the the Biblical prophesy of the End of Time. It is important in this context to differentiate between the three kinds of time I mentioned in a previous post: the physical, the conceptual, and the perceived time. Per physics, physical time had a point de départ: x-billion […]

On Cyber-immortality

“Has it occurred to anyone that the internet is already something of a Singularity, and the wiki manifestation may be an early emergent bud of its salience?” someone asked. 1. I believe it has, except for the use of the word Singularity which remains undefined or ill-defined in these conversations. The term has rather technical […]

On the Interfaith Spirit

The interfaith movement is fairly recent in human history. It has both practical and conceptual roots. At the practical level it arises from the fact that modern nations permit and foster multiculturalism and religious diversity. As a result, many people in the world interact with others from different religious and cultural backgrounds. Those interactions become […]


It is amazing how ancient and universal some customs can be. In the 1890s archaeologists unearthed cuneiform tablets which show laughing figures with full moon beside them which have been interpreted as an ancient mode of observing the equivalent of a day when people made fun of one another. In one of his Monologues Plato […]