Thoughts on Hanuman Jayanti Day

Cultures and civilizations rely on material things for the satisfaction of their physical needs. But they are also inspired by ideals, ennobled by ideas, and enhanced by visions and abstract principles for their spiritual sustenance.  So we have majestic names and enriching icons in all traditions. In the complex canvass of Hindu culture, there is […]

On Rama: The Bhakti Mode

No matter how enriching historical and cultural analyses of the Ramayana may be for those who are inclined to such modes, a significant aspect of Hindu culture is that the major personages in the epic: Rama and Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman, have acquired an exalted and sanctified status in the heart and soul of millions.  […]

Invading the sacred: An analysis of Hinduism Studies in America Edited by Krishnan Ramaswamy, Antonio de Nicolas, Aditi Banerjee

(A Review) Roots of the book Like the multiplicity of the authors who have contributed to this volume, many factors have converged to create this book. These include a growing dissatisfaction with Western images of the non-West, the application of inappropriate methodology for understanding traditional worldviews, and the continued hegemony of the West even in […]