Science on Religion

Sean Carroll: <Some people have as their primary goal advocating for some sort of cause, whereas others are simply devoted to the truth. But an organization advocating for science needs to take both into consideration.> I agree with this, in principle. However, we need to be very clear about what one means by Truth. There […]

On Grace

Among the many in intriguing aspects of the human experience is the fact that we have achieved different levels of understanding, awakening, and sensibilities. At the simplest level we may attribute this to different guiding factors, educational opportunities, healthy influences. Biologically one may trace aspects of them to genes and other biochemical influences. But, as […]

Sharon Begley of Newsweek and Sacred Values

Begley wrote:  ” Sacred values are ideals so transcendent they have no equivalent in anything material,” and insinuating that a sacred value such as sovereignty over Jerusalem can be denominated in anything so crass as money is deeply offensive.” Let me first say that I have the greatest respect and sympathy for the leigitimate demand […]