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Science on Religion

Sean Carroll: <Some people have as their primary goal advocating for some sort of cause, whereas others are simply devoted to the truth. But an organization advocating for science needs to take both into consideration.> I agree with this, in … Continue reading

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On Grace

Among the many in intriguing aspects of the human experience is the fact that we have achieved different levels of understanding, awakening, and sensibilities. At the simplest level we may attribute this to different guiding factors, educational opportunities, healthy influences. … Continue reading

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    January 15, 2010

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Sharon Begley of Newsweek and Sacred Values

Begley wrote:  ” Sacred values are ideals so transcendent they have no equivalent in anything material,” and insinuating that a sacred value such as sovereignty over Jerusalem can be denominated in anything so crass as money is deeply offensive.” Let … Continue reading

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Michael Shermer: <To find out whether an action is right or wrong, ask first.

Shermer wrote: <The moral doer should ask the moral receiver whether the behavior in question is moral or immoral. If you aren’t sure that the potential recipient of your action will react in the same manner you would react to … Continue reading

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Truth and Tension in Science and Religion: Some Reviews and Reactions

1. Truth and tension in science and religion.  Beech River Books, 2009.  390p bibl index afp ISBN 0979377862 pbk, $24.00; ISBN 9780979377860 pbk, $24.00. Reviewed in 2009dec CHOICE. This is not just another entry in what seems an endless stream … Continue reading

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What Is the Difference Between Pantheism and Panentheism?

Perspectives on Pantheism and Panentheism Inbam inbam jagam engum Iyarkkai ânandam pongum Joy, joy, all over the world, Nature brimming with bliss!   (From a Tamil song.) Theism is the belief in a Transcendental Principle managing and manipulating the world here … Continue reading

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