The Brain as a Detector

The (current) view of physics is that there is no color in the life-less physical universe: there are only electromagnetic waves of different wavelengths (frequencies). But the marvelously wonderful human (and some other) brains have optical systems that see the differing frequencies as different colors. Now there are two ways of interpreting this: 1. The […]

What is Science?

There are perhaps a hundred different definitions of science on none of which there may be consensus. These definitions are not unlike the descriptions of the elephant by the six blind men: all of whom were partially right, but none totally so. Recognizing this, let me offer my own definition and description of science, subject […]

Three Kinds of Time and Objective Reality

There are at least three aspects of time: experiential, conceptual, and physical. Experiential time may drift ever so slowly (often for the young, who are impatient for adulthood) or flee all too fast (especially as one approaches the precipitous terminal cliff at an advanced age). Experiential time is perhaps the most insubstantial element in human […]

On Religious Conversions

Our scientific understanding of the world arises from systematic exploration of the natural world and/or by learning about the results of such studies. However, this calls for serious study, experimentation, clarity of analysis, and the like. The scientific understanding of the physical world can be enriching and uplifting, but it is not required for everyday […]