Science Day

Science Day While a handful of thinkers in the Hindu world are debating about the right planetary and zodiacal configurations on which the birthdays of divinities and other festivals are to be celebrated, India also observes  National Science Day on February 28 (Gregorian calendar). Started just over two decades ago (1986), it is a day which inaugurates […]

Wars between Old and New

The mindless veneration, often distortion, of poorly understood or anachronistic sacred texts have led to unhappy consequences in all religious traditions. When these are extended to the realm of societal mores and values in a changing world, the excesses of religious zealots degrade and denigrate the very best in any religious tradition. There is a […]

On the Impact of Darwin

On the Impact of Darwin This year celebrates the bicentennial of Charles Darwin’s birth. It is also the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the publication of his scientific classic, On the origin of Species. During these hundred and fifty years, more pages have been penned on Darwin and his work than perhaps on most other […]