Why science has become suspect

One of the many attacks that science has been subjected to in recent decades, is the intrusion of callous technology and capitalist-industry in the practice and interpretation of science. The goal of these enterprises is the bottom line, and nothing else. Callous technology seeks ways to augment the bottom line by exploiting every bit of scientific knowledge, quite indifferent to its possible impact on the environment.

Capitalist-industry devises ways of interpreting or misinterpreting scientific results to its advantage, more exactly to avert negative impacts on the bottom line that might ensue from exposure of the dangers of technology.

The agents of these money-seeking enterprises have insinuated themselves into many scientific organizations and research reports.

The public has been slowly becoming aware of these tactics, to the point that it no longer knows whom to trust.

The result is the kind of suspicion of all science mentioned in this article.

However, it is important to understand that the skepticism that has been growing in the public’s mind is not towards science as a disinterested quest, but towards public and governmental spokespeople who talk about the beneficial impact of this technology or that drug, or minimize the dangers resulting from indiscriminate and irresponsible technology.


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