Reactions to news of an imminent apocalyptic end.

There is enough real bad news gruesomely floating around the various news channels of every TV set. Depressing news has become the order of the say: riots, suicide bombings, ice-caps melting, AIDS spreading, tornados and floods, and more.

Even while the helpless Tibetans are beaten and silenced by the largest nation on earth whom we have helped become the richest nation soon by consuming everything they produce and paying for it all, while every move to formulate a peace settlement for forming a sovereign Palestinian State is torpedoed by chronic hate-mongers who wish to obliterate a tiny nation, and the ruthless and indiscriminate retaliaton by that nation, and while there is genocide and starvation in many parts of the world, and the self-righteous fanatics call for the head of those who dare publish what they think, I don’t have the appetite for Evangelicals rubbing it all in with their fantasies and rot-in-hell threats in the guise of Biblical prophesies. Enough is enough!

If I did not have a lingering sense of humor, I’d be wailing and pulling the little hair left on my head, and jump up and down the closest staircase, before taking a leap into Lake Ontario to rid myself of all these terrible things that afflict humanity and threaten our species.

The other strong force keeping me away from such adopting that drastic personal solution to planetary problems (aside from the fact that the lake water is really, really cold now) is the aroma emanating from the kitchen which promises me yet another delightful dinner in the company of my dear wife. The least I can do is to do the dishes, however sloppily, instead of leaving her alone with an uneaten meal and some dishes to clean.


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