On the end of the world

A running theme in the past few decades has been something we used to read only on the screen at the conclusion of movies: The End. In recent years, we have had books and articles on the End of the World, the End of Physics, the End of History, the End of Communism, and the […]

On Fermat’s Last Theorem

We live in an age in which the depressing dimensions of the human condition in their myriad manifestations are reflected day in and day our in the media. Newspapers and magazines are filled with reports of crime and war, of cheating and hatred, of drug and disease. The TV screen, whether for entertainment or as […]

Reactions to news of an imminent apocalyptic end.

There is enough real bad news gruesomely floating around the various news channels of every TV set. Depressing news has become the order of the say: riots, suicide bombings, ice-caps melting, AIDS spreading, tornados and floods, and more. Even while the helpless Tibetans are beaten and silenced by the largest nation on earth whom we […]

On a Criticism of Science

An oft-heard comment: <Since science keeps changing its mind, we can’t put much stock in what it says> One of the devastating consequences of Kuhn’s paradigm-shift thesis is the misinterpretation and caricaturization of science as an unreliable source of knowledge because some of its theories keep changing or have the potential for change. This is […]