We receive Knowledge and understanding from Science,  Insight and vision from poetry, Joy and ecstasy from music, Love and warmth from relationships, Laughter and mirth from humor. Many also get Inner peace and spiritual fulfillment from religion. We become aware of all this because we are conscious beings. We are blessed with a little of all […]

Thanksgiving Day 2007

Each and every breathing day when the body finds nourishment, the mind still thinks, and there is at least one person who cares for us we have much to be thankful for. But today, as an American, I am thankful, not for turkey slices and cranberry sauce, but  for the freedom to express my thoughts without […]

Science and Ethics

According to a New York Times article (November 12, 2007), DNA research will eventually come to the conclusion that all races are NOT created equal.  It is important to distinguish between biological inequality and social equality.Without any knowledge of DNA and on the basis of the most superficial observations one can conclude that not all human beings […]