On Religious Naturalism

Religious Naturalism holds the view that all that we observe and experience are the results of the inexorable laws of nature that have also given rise to the human body, mind, and consciousness.

Mind and consciousness have given rise to human culture and values whose wholesome and creative aspects deserve to be nurtured and celebrated.

Among these are art and science, religion and philosophy, music and mathematics, and the other  positive elements associated with these.

The Religious Naturalist takes these expressions in human culture quite seriously, and strives to understand their emergence in systematic and consistent ways.

The Religious Naturalist is also concerned about the negative and harmful potential in even the noblest of human creations, and believes that a careful and reasoned understanding of these, coupled with the basic human values of caring and compassion, can and will enable humanity to avert  and erase the harmful outgrowths in human societies and cultures.



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