The Price for Change

1. Anything positive that is introduced into human culture (religion, science, technology, capitalism, democracy, socialism, freedom of information, Internet, oil-based industry DDT,…) will inevitably give rise to some mild or serious negative side-effects sooner or later.

2. This places human beings/societies in a value-dilemma:
Knowing this, should we introduce positive changes in society or not, especially when they are meant to eradicate some negative features of the society, or to solve pressing problems?

3. Generally speaking, conservative thinking emphasizes the negative side effects (actual or potential) of the changes and underplays or ignores the negative aspects of the society which needed correction.

4. Societal changes in free nations are usually one-way. One cannot bring back the old system by decree. This is only possible in dictatorial regimes. Only a dictator can move the cultural clock back.

5. Enlightened thinking would call for ways to minimize the negative side-effects without restoring the evils of the past.


About Varadaraja V. Raman

Physicist, philosopher, explorer of ideas, bridge-builder, devotee of Modern Science and Enlightenment, respecter of whatever is good and noble in religious traditions as well as in secular humanism,versifier and humorist, public speaker, dreamer of inter-cultural,international,inter-religious peace.
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