On the Degeneration of the Left

Like every positive movement and innovation in human history, leftist ideology has also degenrated leftist movements into mindless anti-one’s-own-cultre-and-nation attitudes. This is a sad phenomenon occurring in many countries, but especially in India and in the United States.
Nationalism served a useful purpose at one time. It is what united the people of India (and other former European colonies) in their fight against the colonizing powers. It also served to unify a people and make them feel good about their culture, heritage, and history. However, in the 1930s it degenerated in Germany and Italy into chauvinistic and malicious racism and oppressive fascism,
Likewise, leftist movements have many positive elements in the goals: They strive for social justice, for the eradication of racism and casteism, and for many other enlightened values. But they often degenerate into blindness for what is good in one’s own society and nation, and engaging in incessant criticism and virulent condemnation of one’s own culture, nation and religion, while downplaying whatever may be wrong in alien systems and  indulging in exaggerated extolling of the virtues of
alien systems.
The Left is often a response to religious fundamentalism and extremist conservatism, but by its own extremist positions it also provokes fundamentalism and conservatism.
This degeneration of the Left has been occurring in India as well
as in the West. Leftist minorities in India as well as in the West generally applaud the Left because it is favorable to them.


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