All Threats and No Hope

We get a never-ending series of warnings, threats, and dire forecasts of doom, destruction, and death: all based, not on some Book of Revelation, astrological calculation, or psychic muttering, but on sound and solid scientific evidence and analysis.

But nobody –  scientist or sage, preacher or philosopher, policeman or pundit, tells us in realistic terms how to avert that projected final catastrophe.

Yes, movies like the Inconconvenient Truth, manufacture of more efficient cars, and projects to supply free condoms to millions of people all over the world are there. But these are like flickers from fireflies in the depths of a dark subterranean cavern on a new-moon night.

One feels as if an astronomer has spotted a speeding mammoth asteroid hurtling towards the planet, and all we can do is to calculate roughly when it will crash on earth.


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