Approaches to Traditional Spiritual Truths

There are three different approaches to ancient awakenings: whether it is Gnosticism, Sufism, Advaita, Zen, Vaishnavism, Cabala, or whatever classical school of spirituality. One may take them literally as the original teachers and preachers had taught them, and derive therefrom whatever spiritual fulfillment one can. It is a fact that the mutually competing schools are […]

On Religious Conversions

Every religion, no matter what its historical roots, has forged a world view of the Beyond in the context of the Ultimate Mystery. Over the ages the different visions have elaborated meaningful rites and rituals and sacraments which answer to the spiritual needs of its practitioners. The doctrinal basis of every religion is that its […]

A Thought on Religions

Religions – leaving aside their ontological claims – are magnificent expressions of the human spirit, deep visions on the human condition, and sublime poetic expressions provoked by the mystery of existence and of cosmogenesis. Like literature and music they have a hundred manifestations, each presenting another facet of the elusive Ultimate Truth. To say that there are […]

Impact of Science on Religion

Science has helped alleviate and eradicate a good many of our physical ailments, and continues to do so. It has been of considerable help in unhealthy psychological contexts as well. A scientific understanding of the ideas and worldviews associated with religion could, in principle, help us exercise the nobler aspects of religion and diminish its more […]

On David Sloan Wilson’s “Darwin’s Cathedral

Cosmologists explain how the universe came to be; astrophysicists tell us how stars were born; geologists explore how rocks were formed; and biologists figure out how the variety of species arose. Philosophers, psychologists, historians, anthropologists, and others try to explain how religion emerged in human societies. In this book, an eloquent professor and ardent practitioner […]