The Why is Existence

Here’s a question, why does the Spiritual side of reality exist? Why does the Physical side of reality exist? There must be a reason, agreed?

Dear friend, you started by saying: Here’s a question, and gave three questions. The answer to the last is: NOT agreed to by everybody.
Indeed, the fundamental difference between the so-called SCIENTIFIC view of Reality and the RELIGIOUS lies precisely in this: The former does not think there MUST be a reason for the existence of anything. The latter does.
The former is based on empirical evidence, the latter on specilative vision.
If one accepts the latter (as religiously inclined people do), one does exerience an inner satisfaction: it is certainly an endopotent thesis. But it also presents us with a conceptual quandary: Various religious traditions offer different views on spiritual reality. Then the question arises: Which of these is the right one, and on what basis?
I don’t know the answer to this question I have raised. But many others seem to do. I am happy for them, but I don’t feel sorry for myself. I enjoy the mystery more than the certainty on ultimate answers that seems to satisfy people who are unable to recognize the culturally conditiond parochial origins of their knowledge on these matters


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