Some Thoughts on the Internet

In the crowded and crazy world of internet, practically everyone is heard, every pain and passion is publicized. Knowledge is spread, but so are hate and anger and self-righteousness; pseudoscience, falsehoods, and mutual recriminations also. There are conflicts within religions and traditions, as also among them, and all these are exposed for the general audience worldwide.
Those who know better should be both entertained and frightened. If the follies that flow through the internet are hilarious, their impact in misleading and stirring the gullible can be wrought with much potential for harm.
In other words, you can get a wild ride by getting into the circus of any of the many ethnic groups that discuss matters, not in the context of the fine and fabulous things of their culture, but as victims of oppression, in purely defensive modes, and in attacking their enemies, both real and imaginary.


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