Varieties of Theism

With respect to belief in God:

1. Theist (+): One who takes the notion of God seriously enough to reflect on life, existence, and the world, adopt values, and conduct one’s life with the deep conviction that there is a greater universal principle (with some anthropic characteristics) undergirding the physical, phenomenal, and human world of experience.

Atheist (-): One who rejects the existence of any such principle or being in which the theist believes, and is overtly or implicitly unhappy, uncomfortable, sometimes even angry that there are theists in the world.

Pro-theist: One who not only believes in a God of a particular kind and with a particular name and geographical origin, but is eager to propagate this belief among those who don’t recognize the God of his tradition.

Anti-theist: One who not only rejects the existence of the divine, but also actively denounces such beliefs or such a God with statements like “God is not Great,” “God is a delusion,” “God is a spell that must be broken,” etc.

Non-Theist (0): One who is indifferent to the notion of God in his/her own views, values, and reflections on life, existence, and the world, with the conviction that belief in God is neither necessary nor necessarily bad.


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