Thoughts on God

Whether God is or not a hypothesis,
God is joy and love and source of bliss.

The world has but a single Boss
Who sets our life and gain and loss.

God is not a spy in the sky,
Watching thoughts and deeds from up on high.

Music is one, but tunes are countless.
Icons are many, but God is formless.

Fear not the God Who is above:
For God is only mercy and love.

Rain and thunder, sun and sky
May be the only gods on high.

If there is a God, He must embrace
Saints and sinners of every race.

God said, “Let a Big Bang Be!”
And the world was born that we now see.

For something ubiquitous God now willed.
And the world with E.M. waves was filled.

Is God a He or is God a She?
Some think they know, but don’t ask me!


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