Who Am I?

I am a transcultural voyager
Who finds meaning in life
As I course from language to language,
From physics to philosophy,
From music to metaphysics,
From Gita to Gregorian Chants,
From Mozart to Musicals,
From Tansen to Thygaraja.
From feasting to fasting.
I experience mystical thrills
From Maxwell’s equations and from meditation.
From Feynmann diagrams and from Buddhist mandalas.
I am addicted to alliterations,
Deeply committed to spreading science
And Enlightenment.
I recognize the positive contributions of religions.
I am a dedicated bridge-builder
And a dreamer of Peace.
And I think that what really matters in life is
Whether one is kind and
Compassionate to fellow beings,
And brings smiles and laughter
To those with whom one interacts.
As I see it, from a long-range perspective
The stages of Life, are:
Hungry screams.
Unintelligible noises.
Intelligible noises.
Some intelligent noises.
Unintelligible noises.
Eternal silence.
Leaving behind
Some tearful eyes,
Fond memories,
And finally faded remembrances
That melt away into oblivion.
V. V. Raman

June 2007


Shiva, Oh Mystic Power, Auspicious is Thy name.
The Vedas call Thee Rudra, Thy wrath has gained much fame.
As third of the Triple Murti, dissolution Thou dost bring
Yet as Pashupati, Thou protectest every thing.
You are the source of conscious self, and this is a vision of You
In our sacred history: You have a neck all blue
With coiled cobra all around, and body smeared in gray,
With a chain of skulls, Thou art clad in a deer-skin, they say.
Thy Third Eye pulverized Kama in his reckless day;
It fills us with awe in a very intense way.
In the mystic vision Thou art on Kailash Mount
Of the sacred Ganga , Thy matted hair is fount.
Thou art known as Kaala – Time with no End,
And as Benign Sankara – to all Thou art a friend.
You art Mahadeva, the greatest Divinity.
Thy spiritual secrets are much more
Than all the names and forms in tradition’s lore.
Thou art the abstract One that brings to complete naught
All that ever emerged as thing or as thought.
Not just the bloom of flower and the beat of heart
But everything comes to end that ever had a start:
From whisper frail of the gentle breeze
To ancient rocks and sturdy trees,
From leptons, hadrons, atoms tiny
To shining stars and galaxies many.
All that have had a birth and all that evolve
Sometime must all dissolve.
Thou art the grand Mystery behind impermanence,
The final dot that ends each word and sentence.
The breath that lulls at last the lungs for certain,
The rope that at last closes the cosmic curtain.
From here below to up on high,
Of the grandest show Thou art the final sigh.
When on Thee I meditate
I grasp much better my earthly state.
OM Nama-Shivaya!

Dec 2007